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LibDataBroker-1.0 is a port of LibDataBroker-1.1 for World of Warcraft by Tekkub and Elkano to Rift. This port is with their permission.

Tekkub and Elkano will not, nor can not, provide any technical support for this port. I will be handling bugs or suggestions. ~ Lorandii aka Myrroddin.

LDB’s primary goal is to “detach” plugins from the display addon. Plugins can provide data into a simple table, and display addons can receive callbacks to refresh their display of this data. LDB also provides a place for addons to register “quicklaunch” functions, removing the need for authors to embed many large libraries to create minimap buttons. Users who do not wish to be “plagued” by these buttons simply do not install an addon to render them.

Due to it’s simple generic design, LDB can be used for any design where you wish to have an addon notified of changes to a table.

Rift Events:

Event.LibDataBroker.AttributeChanged -- returns name, key, value, self
Event.LibDataBroker.ObjectCreated -- returns name, dataobj

API is on this page.


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