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EZRebuff - Simplifies self-rebuffing

On first load, it will present a gray button, featuring a brain image.

You can relocate this button on screen anywhere convenient, and then right-click to lock it into position.

NOTE: Whilst the button is gray, using the mousewheel up/down will change its size, if the default is not right for you.

Once locked, it will change color, and become either green (no missing buffs), or red (missing buffs).

On first load, it will be gren, since there will be nothing configured.

So, with the button green, left-click on it.

This will open up a configuration window that will list all of the buffs you have on yourself right now. If any are missing that you do actually want to check for, then cast them. They will appear in the configuration screen list.

Tick all the ones that you want EZRebuff to check for, and then click Apply.

Now, since we have just configured EZRebuff using buffs that are active, then there will be nothing to alert on.

So, go ahead and cancel some of the buffs you just cast on yourself.

The button should go red, and some smaller icons appear around the top and left edges of it, showing the missing buffs.

Now, with the button red, using the mousewheel over the button, will attempt to cast one of the missing buffs, keep using the wheel until the button goes green again.

NOTE: Since the functionality of this only works if you are out of combat, if you enter combat, the button will hide itself.


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