2,405 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 9, 2018 Game Version: 4.0

EyeLevel v4.30

by Maff @ Zaviel - updated 9th January 2018

EyeLevel is utility that shows the estimated item level (ilvl) for items when they are viewed, to help estimate the base quality of Rift items for when the item colour can be misleading.

The game has overlapping item rarities, where some epic items are a fundamentally lower level than some of the rare (blue) items with the same level requirement. Also, epic items come in various 'tiers', which are not immediately obvious when viewing an item. This is an addon I created for my own use, which I'm releasing in case any one else out there misses having this information, having got used to it in other games.

Screenshot 1


Install the addon, either manually or via Curse
Once in-game, use the command /eye to activate the addon. The addon is disabled by default, and should be activated when the information is required.
Whenever an item tooltip is shown for a weapon or a piece of armour which is recognised by the addon, a line of text will be displayed in the chat window showing the item name and the estimated ilvl.
To disable the addon, use /eye again.

Any constructive comments, suggestions, bug reports or feature requests should be sent to fred-flint@hotmail.co.uk


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