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Compatible with Rift 3.0/Nightmare Tide!


I was inspired by WoW addons like "TB Reputation Watcher", which automatically show a bar of the faction you just get reputation or notoriety for and automatically changes to another faction, when you gain reputation/notoriety for this faction. And so AutoFactionBar will do: It shows a bar with the current faction you gained reputation. Supports German, English and French language.


  1. When you are logged in to your character a dark-gray/black bar appears in the middle of the screen.
  2. By right-clicking on the bar you get a small button at the left top corner of the bar and the bar changes its color to blue. You can drag&drop this button by holding down the left mouse button - the bar will move also. Alternatively you can type "/afb toggle" to toggle between a locked and a movable bar.
  3. Once again by right-clicking on the bar or the button you lock the bar.
  4. With "/afb config" you can open a config dialog where you can edit all settings from above.
    Or you just middle-click on the bar for the same effect.
  5. By typing "/afb reset" you can reset the size, position and colors back to default.
  • /afb toggle - Toggles between locked and movable bar.
  • /afb reset - Resets the position and the size of the bar back to default.
  • /afb - Shows this help.

Known issues / bugs

  • performance warning when right-clicking the bar (I still couldn't reproduce this error by myself, so I'll need your help/feedback)
    • see Ticket ID 1 for details
    • hopefully fixed with v0.7.1


  • make align of text on bar configurable: left, center, right


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