As of the copyright terms (, you accepted when you purchased Minecraft, the owner (in this case me, Aroma1997) has full rights over his modifications despite use of Mojang's code.

1. Liability
I am not responsible for any damage, the use of these modifications cause. These modifications may not completely work with parts of the Minecraft game. All damages caused from the use or misuse of these mods fall on the end user.

2. Use
Use of this mod is allowed without restrictions.

3. Distribution and redistribution

These modifications may only distributed where I upload and link it. Without written permission, you are not allowed to mirror these modifications or upload it somewhere else. You are also not allowed to make money out of it ( links etc.) or use any kind of link shortener on the direct download links. It is also not allowed to use my image material or parts of it and redistribute it.
However, it is allowed to distribute these modifications in a mod compilation or a modpack if you do not make any direct money out of it ( or similar). Modpacks distributed through the FTB launcher or the Curse Client are excluded from this rule and may always include any of my modifications in any shape or form.

4. Modification of the modification
It is allowed to decompile this modification and to edit this modification. However, it is not allowed to distribute modified versions of this modification or distribute the source code of this modification without my written permission.

This is subject to change without notify.