Minecraft Forge Public Licence ============================== Version 1.0 0. Definitions -------------- Minecraft: Denotes a copy of the Minecraft game licensed by Mojang AB User: Anybody that interract with the software in one of the following ways: - play - decompile - recompile or compile - modify Minecraft Forge: The Minecraft Forge code, in source form, class file form, as obtained in a standalone fashion or as part of a wider distribution. Dependency: Code required to have Minecraft Forge working properly. That can include dependencies required to compile the code as well as modifications in the Minecraft sources that are required to have Minecraft Forge working. 1. Scope -------- The present license is granted to any user of Minecraft Forge. As a prerequisite, a user of Minecraft Forge must own a legally aquired copy of Minecraft 2. Play rights -------------- The user of Minecraft Forge is allowed to install the software on a client or a server and to play it without restriction. 3. Modification rights ---------------------- The user has the right to decompile the source code, look at either the decompiled version or the original source code, and to modify it. 4. Derivation rights -------------------- The user has the rights to derive code from Minecraft Forge, that is to say to write code that either extends Minecraft Forge class and interfaces, instantiate the objects declared or calls the functions. This code is known as "derived" code, and can be licensed with conditions different from Minecraft Forge. 5. Distribution rights ---------------------- The user of Minecraft Forge is allowed to redistribute Minecraft Forge in partially, in totallity, or included in a distribution. When distributing binaries or class files, the user must provide means to obtain the sources of the distributed version of Minecraft Forge at no costs. This includes the files as well as any dependency that the code may rely on, including patches to minecraft original sources. Modification of Minecraft Forge as well as dependencies, including patches to minecraft original sources, has to remain under the terms of the present license. The right to distribute Minecraft Forge does not extend to the right to distribute MCP data files included within Minecraft Forge. These are the property of the MCP project and should be removed from any customized distribution of Minecraft Forge or permission sought separately from the MCP team.