The Rebirth of the Night Team holds ownership over this GitHub repository and contents. Individual artwork, scripts, and other custom content are owned by the content's creator.

The Rebirth of the Night Team gives full permission for anyone to release a modified/spin-off version of the Rebirth of the Night Modpack (hereafter the Modpack) on CurseForge only. The modified version must state that it is a modified version of Rebirth of the Night and must link back to the main CurseForge page for Rebirth of the Night in a clear and concise way.

You may modify the Modpack for your own personal use, but support is not required to be given by our team for modified versions of the Modpack. This includes adding and removing mods.

You may not charge people to get access to any modified versions of the Modpack that are made. Donations are acceptable, so long as they are purely optional donations.

You may not charge people for individual assets from this pack and/or claim them as your own.

You may not redistribute non-modified versions of the pack anywhere. Modified versions can only be released on CurseForge.

You may not use custom-created assets from this pack and claim them as your own (this includes scripts, textures, etc). You may use scripts from this pack as an education tool to learn Zenscript, CraftTweaker, etc, but please do not copy entire scripts, artwork, etc.

You may not remove or edit the Akliz button on the main menu for any reason. Our partnership with Akliz purely covers operating costs (for new mod commissions, domain costs, and tool costs).

You may not partner with any server hosting company for any modified versions of the Modpack. Suggesting people to use Akliz via our referral link is recommended, but not required.

All modified/spin-off versions of this Modpack must abide by this same license. Please change your license on your pack's CurseForge page to "Custom License" and copy and paste this license.

Please contact the Rebirth of the Night Team if you have any questions or concerns.