EltrutLikes License
0. Terms Used
"Owner" = EltrutLikes
"You" = Any general person that is not EltrutLikes
"Pack" = The R4VEN Texture Pack
1. Distribution
You cannot distribute any of the textures within this Pack; only the Owner can. However, if You download the individual packs that partially make up this Pack, You can distribute those textures unless the original author of that pack states otherwise.
2. Modification and Monetization
You cannot modify any of the textures within the Pack and then distribute them. Private modification is fine, however you are not allowed to distribute it. You cannot make money off of the textures in this Pack.
3. Giving Credit
You cannot claim credit for the textures within this Pack. If you wish to use this Pack in your videos, you must credit the Owner and link back to the R4VEN Pack page on this website. If you wish to use textures in this Pack which were not created by the Owner, you must credit them and link to their threads (links are below). The packs used to compile this are credited on the front page, below the picture.
4. Exceptions
If the Owner should grant you the permission to use any one of the Owner's textures, Your name shall be listed below:
- xMrVizzy for use in his Faithful Vanilla pack
5. Terms of Use
By downloading this Pack, You agree to these terms and conditions. If you shall break any of these terms and/or conditions, You shall forfeit your right to use this Pack responsibly. The Owner reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with or without your notice. This license is, however, retroactive.