Custom License for this Repository/Project



Contribution to this repository means that you are granting me rights over the code that you choose to contribute. If you do not agree to that, do not contribute.




(For the GitHub Repo**)

- Fork and modify the code.

- Submit Pull Requests to this repository.

- Copy portions of this code for use in other project. (Like if you needed help with something and you used parts of this code in your project)

- Write your own code that uses this code as a dependency. (Like an addon mod.)


(For the compiled code)

- Add it to modpacks without my permission. (Provided that you give credit)

- Do mod review videos. (Provided that you give credit/link in the description)




(For both the GitHub Repo and the compiled code)

- Redistribute this in its entirety as source or compiled code.

- Create or distribute code which contains 50% or more Functionally Equivalent Statements* from this repository.

- Attempt to or intend to claim partial or total ownership of the original or repackaged code and/or attempt to or intend to redistribute the original or repackaged code without prior express written permission from the owner (MCE626). Basically saying, you can't redistribute this code and say you made it.




(For the GitHub Repo)

- Maintain a visible repository of your code which is derived from or copied from this code.


(For Modpacks/Mod Reviews of the compiled code)

- Provide credit on the page of download page or video description.

- Provide a link to this page, the GitHub Repo or the Wiki of the download page or video description.


*A Functionally Equivalent Statement is a code fragment which, regardless of whitespace and object names, achieves the same result within the context of a Minecraft mod or addon. Basically you can't copy the code, rename the variables, add whitespace and say it's different. It's not.

**Repo is short for repository.


Create addon mods if you want! If you see something that can be improved or a bug that I don't know how to fix, tell me. Submit a Pull Request! One thing: Don't steal please! An enormous amount of effort and time went into this and it's not ok for someone to take this and call it their own.


© 2017-2018 MCE626