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This computer software code ("the code") is ©2016 way2muchnoise ("the author") all rights reserved, and is licensed for use and redistribution under the “Don’t Be a Jerk” non-commercial care-free license. ###Scope This means that you’re free to pretty much do what you like with the the code or compiled binaries, including but not limited to: * Download code or compiled binaries for personal use * Put the code or compiled binaries into your modpack * Fork the repository on github * Compile the code * Modify the code to: * fix bugs * add features * fit better with your modpack * remove a problematic item * replace all item icons with cat pictures, because cats * Use portions of the code as examples in a presentation * Record portions of gameplay for display on YouTube or other video/media sites The above usage is granted to you as long as this license remains intact for all original or derived code. Please include a copy of this license with the code, or provide a link to this document, just to make sure everyone's as cool as you. ###Ownership This licence specifically prohibits you from claiming the the code or compiled binaries are yours without permission from the previous author(s). ###Non-Commercial Status You are expressly prohibited from making or trying to make money from the code, derivatives of the code, compiled portions of the code, etc etc. This license specifically prohibits you from using or clones (any "click past an ad before you can download" service) to make money or attempt to make money for clicks or downloads. Specific exceptions to the non-commercial nature of this license are granted to any derivitive works of art. Here's some specific exemptions: * If you make a cool tee-shirt design based off the code and want to sell that, it's completely ok. * Want to use the the code or compiled binaries as part of a charity event? Go ahead. * Make money from Let's Play videos or other "commentary" type uses, eg reviews or how-to videos/tutorials? No problem. Ultimately, your work is your own. This license is designed to protect against jerks trying to make money off someone else's work. Any exemptions not listed here require permission from the code author. ###Damages This license prohibits any attempt to hold the author liable for damages caused by usage of the the code or compiled binaries. Bugs happen, so make backups, and don't complain if your world gets corrupted. Seriously, make backups. ###Reserved Rights I reserve the right to change this license at any time, although chances are I won't, because legalese annoys me. Conclusion ==== Ultimately, don't be a jerk, play nice, be polite, and you'll be fine.