last revised: 1/31/2015
version: 1.1.1

[Section 0. Terminology]
	Minecraft: A copy of the Minecraft video game.
	User: Any individual or group that receives or interacts with the software provided with this license in any form.
	Mod: A modification, plugin, or add-on to the original Minecraft code. The software, code, binaries, and/or assets bundled with this license.
	Author/Developer: The creator or creators associated with the development of the Mod.

[Section 1. Purpose]
	This document is intended to provide a simple set of rules and guidelines for users of Minecraft mods while also protecting the developer(s) intellectual property.
	By associating a mod with this license, the developer asserts copyright on the mod and all of its associated assets. All users must adhere to the terms that follow.
	Should the user fail to adhere to the terms set forth in this document, the mod author reserves the right to take action and enforce this license to the fullest extent of the law.

[Section 2. Liability]
	This mod is provided 'as is' with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The author of this mod takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of this mod. 
	This mod alters fundamental parts of the Minecraft game, parts of Minecraft may not work with this mod installed. All damages caused from the use or misuse of this mod fall on the user.

[Section 3. Distribution]
	This mod may only be distributed via links initially provided to the public by the mod author. 
	Only the original link may be used for download – any locations that the original link redirects to may not be provided to the public except by the mod author.
	See section 4 for exemptions.

[Section 4. Modpacks]
	This mod may be bundled with other mods and provided to the public in a compilation, known commonly as a modpack, without the consent of the author. 
	The modpack must provide credit to the mod author and link to an information site owned or maintained by the mod author.
	The modpack must be strictly not-for-profit, and may not generate revenue of any kind, including sales, website advertising, URL shortener advertising, donations, etc. The sales of services that create a modpack containing this mod are considered legal.
	A modpack utilizing this mod must not make any modifications to the mod’s code, file structure, binaries, or assets, or bundle a modified version of this mod within the modpack.
	All troubleshooting for this mod within a modpack is solely the responsibility of the modpack creator.

[Section 5. Source Code]
	The source code of this mod is made available for educational purposes only. It shall remain externally visible yet only modifiable by the mod author.
	This mod is proprietary software and as such neither it, its source code, nor its byte code may be modified and recompiled for public use.
	The mod author may choose to incorporate private modifications of this mod’s source code into the publically available build should it be requested by the author of the modified code. However, modified code that has not been merged into the publically available build cannot be redistributed to the public in any form.
	Authors that submit modified code that is later added into the publically available build release all rights to the code under the terms that they are credited via in-code documentation and any other methods of credit/thanks deemed appropriate by the mod author.
	Code submitted and merged in this manner is then bound by this license.

[Section 6. Modification]
	Any modification of this mod’s code or binaries made by persons other than the author is strictly forbidden from public distribution.
	Texture packs and resource packs are welcomed and encouraged, but may only contain the modified textures and/or sounds. You cannot distribute a copy of this mod with the texture/resource pack already installed.

[Section 7. Reproduction]
	Any reproduction of this mod into another product, digital or physical, is considered copyright infringement and is strictly forbidden unless otherwise approved by the mod author. This includes implementing only select aspects of the mod into the new product. Implemented aspects can be similar, but not the same, determined at the mod author's discretion. 
	Any products produced using the ideas that this mod is founded upon may not use the original mod name, in part or in full, or an acronym adopted by the mod unless approved by the mod author. Doing so without approval is considered copyright infringement.
[Section 8. Mod End-Of-Life]
	This mod is said to reach its end-of-life in the event that all authors associated with the mod discontinue their involvement in a public statement.
	In the event that a central author or manager is unable to maintain the project due to unforeseen circumstances, up to and including death, all remaining authors must vote to decide the future of the mod.
	In the event that all authors publically discontinue their involvement in or are no longer able to participate in the development of this mod, the mod is released into the public domain.
	In the event that no public declaration of the mod’s end-of-life is made within 1 year after the previous update, announcement regarding status, or official statement from an author, the mod is released into the public domain.

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