Blu's License of Common Sense

Here's how it goes: I like making my code visible so that others may learn from it. Reason for that is because I myself learned a lot that way.
What I don't like is anyone's creative property being stolen, used without credit or commercialized without permission.

As such, this is my custom license which should hopefully cover all that:

What you can do:

- Look at the code, draw inspiration, copy bits of it to use in your own projects
- Fork this repository and modify its code
- Submit Pull Requests to this repository
- Write other projects that base on this project and its API (if present) (This means Addons are totally cool)

What you can not do:

- Claim any of this code to be your property
- Redistribute this project (source or compiled) without explicit permission of the license holder, BluSunrize
- Copy large sections of this code (classes, complex methods) without giving credit
- Monetize any of this project. This means selling the code, compiled projects and also forbids the use of paywalls or "donations" to restrict access to any part of the project's content. I specifically exempt CurseForge's "Points"-system from this statement.

What you have to abide by:

- If you have used any code from this project (with the exception of API classes), that project must also be visible source. This allows others to learn from your work.
- Give proper credit where it's due when copying portions of the code (see above)

On the topic of resources:

- Always give credit to original artists/creators
- Always ask for permission before copying assets
- Addon mods are allowed to use and remix art & model assets for the sole purpose of being addons. When in doubt, better ask.

Contributing to this repository:

- The original author keeps copyright of their contibuted code and resources
- The owner of this repository is given rights to usage and modification of the contributed code or resource. This may not be withdrawn
- Any code or resource submitted must be licensed to this project with this license

In summary:

Please, look at the code and learn from it (where possible). Draw inspiration, be creative, enjoy yourself. Should you find issues, point them out. Have an idea how to fix it? Submit a PR.
Stealing code or assets isn't cool though. Don't do that.

For any questions on this license, go poke me on twitter, @BluSunrize.

This project is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.
The authors or copyright holders are not liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in actions of contract, tort or other, arising from, out of or in connection to this project, its use, or related projects.

Lastly, I hereby reserve the right to revoke this license's permissions from people who violate [Wheaton's Law](


©2017 BluSunrize