goldensilver853 Licence


"Author" denotes goldensilver853
"Mod" denotes any plugin or modification written for the game Minecraft
"Minecraft" denotes the game written by Mojang AB
"I" denotes goldensilver853
"Modpack" denotes a collection of multiple mods/plugins distributed through either the FTB launcher or the AT launcher (does not include Technic Launcher)


You can do many things with the code I write. You can decompile it, modify it, distribute modified versions through modpacks and use it in modpacks. Monetised spotlights/reviews are acceptable. Educational usage is encouraged. If you feel something is missing from this list, contact the author.

Unacceptable uses

Unacceptable uses include reuploading the mod onto sites designed for monetisation of the mod. This mod is distributed for free and must remain so unless the author says differently. If I catch you distributing my mods on sites designed for revenue made off of the mod, I will alert everyone I can and attempt to remove my content from your site or take down your site. Once again, if you feel something is missing from this list, contact the author.


If you find a loophole or need clarification of something contact the author. If you must redistribute the mod in any other way than whats specified, ask the author. FTB is permitted to use my mods however they want.