Minecraft Mod Public License

Version 2.0.2

0. Definitions

**Game**: Computer software which provides diversion or amusement. Often a form of play.

**Mod**: Software which modifies the Game, in any form (source, compiled binary, etc).

**User**: Anyone who that interacts with the Game or the Mod in any way.

**Dependency**: Software required for the Mod to execute, compile, or otherwise "work" correctly.

**API**: Software intermediary for interaction with the Mod.

**Derivative**: Software which includes any portion of the Mod other than the API, with modifications, additions, or subtractions.

**Addon**: Software that extends the Mod, but is not a derivative.

**Modpack**: A collection of mods and configuration files pre-tested to work when installed together.

**Modpack Creator**: An individual who creates modpacks.

**Author(s)**: Original Programmer or programmers responsible for writing the Mod.

**Contributor**: Programmer or programmers who contribute code to the Mod, but are not the Author.

**Codebase**: The Mod source code, complete with source history and Contributor records.

**Distributor**: Anyone who distributes the compiled mod.

1. Scope

The present license is granted to any User of the Mod.

The User is expected to comply with any Game End User License Agreement (EULA) and/or Terms of Service (ToS) as it exists at the time the Mod is initially distributed.

This license is separate from the license of any Mod it depends on and does not invalidate any license requirement of the dependency.

2. Liability

The User accepts the following liability:
- The Mod is provided 'as is' with no warranties, implied or otherwise.
- The Author is not responsible for dragon, troll, pirate, or ninja attacks.
- Slaying any and all mythological creatures is the sole responsibility of the User.
- The Author takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use or misues of the Mod.
- The Mod may alter fundamental parts of the Game.
- The User is liable for all damages resulting from the use or misuse of the Mod.
- The Author may not be held responsible for the incompetency or sadism of a Modpack Creator.

3. Right to use

The User is allowed to install the Mod and play without restriction.
The User may not limit access to the Mod in any way, except as provided by the Game.

4. Right to examine

The User may decompile compiled binaries of the Mod.
The User may examine the Mod's source code.

5. Right to distribute

The Author reserves the right to distribute the Mod.
The Author may designate a person or organization as a Distributor.
A Distributor is granted the right to distribute the Mod.
The Author may require that a Distributor provides a direct link to the Codebase.
The User may not distribute the Mod without being granted distribution rights from the Author.
The Author may revoke distribution rights from any Distributor.

6. Right to contribute

The User may "fork" the Codebase.
The User may compile the Codebase.
The User may submit contributions to the Author for inclusion in the Mod.
The User grants the Author all rights to any contribution.
The User renounces all rights to their contribution except as specified under this license.
The User retains the right to re-use code they've written.
The Author may specify a Contributor License Agreement allowing a Contributor to retain some or all rights.

7. Right to derive

The User may create Derivative(s) based on the Mod.
A Derivative must contain changes which a reasonably informed person would consider significant.

The User may distribute a Derivative if the following conditions are met:
- The Derivative does not generate revenue.
- The Derivative provides credit to the Author.
- The Derivative complies with the Mod license.

8. Right to distribute addons

The User may develop non-Derivative Addons.
An Addon may include the Mod API without being considered a Derivative.
The Addon may be distributed under a different license.

9. Right to create Modpack(s)

The User may create Modpack(s) which include the Mod.
A Modpack Creator is granted the right to distribute the Mod as part of a Modpack.

Modpacks containing the Mod may not be used to generate revenue unless specifically granted this right by the Author.

10. Author responsibilities

The Author must make the Mod source freely and publically available.

11. Author rights

The Author may grant a User the status of Contributor or Author.
The Author retains the right to the Mod name.
The Author may change the Mod license, but cannot do so retroactively.