LootBags License:

-Version 5, applied 12 November 2016

Usage of the mods, either in .jar or source code form constitutes a complete and unconditional agreement with the following terms.
My mods are provided "as is" with no warranties, implied or otherwise.  The owner of the mods takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of the mod.  LootBags alters fundamental parts of the Minecraft game, and parts of Minecraft may not work with the mod installed.  All damages caused from the use or misuse of the mod falls on the user.

Usage Terms:
1: The mods are visible source for the purpose of education.  Don't create modified versions of the mods and distribute them without my permission.
1a: If a modified version of the code is to be used to update the mod in my absence, whether perceived or actual, regardless if the work is done independently or from the request of a pack developer, inform me of the action.
2: If you are going to change how my mods work, I ask you inform myself and anyone experiencing the changes about the changes.  This includes using external utilities to change recipes.  I would prefer to avoid receiving reports that something is broken when it is an unofficial change that is causing the issue and being unaware of those changes.
3: Don't monetize access to my mods.  That means no paywalls, no adfly, no coerced donations, nothing.  I don't stand outside your door and charge people visiting you to come inside or get a drink.  This only applies to monetization that is directly attached to the mod download specifically, not any revenue to support the site/download/server or creative content that uses the mod.
4: You are welcome to put my mods in a modpack provided proper credit is provided.  A link to the forum post or download page and my name somewhere in the modpack description or webpage is sufficient credit.
Besides that, use the mods however you want.