Thaumic Revelations is copyfree under the What is Mortvana Even Saying License:


The code of Thaumic Revelations in source and/or binary is the intellectual property of Mortvana and MasterAbdoTGM50 (Drullkus get a mention too, as he previously made textures). The end user (From here on know as "You") may not reproduce or modify Thaumic Revelations for public distribution without prior permission. You can however redistribute official Thaumic Revelations compiled binaries in modpacks with adequate permissions for other mods to be included. Any modpack using Thaumic Revelations takes full responsibility for user support queries, and the MODPACK TEAM should report bugs to us (if you can properly report a bug, go ahead :P). For anyone else, we only support official builds from CurseForge, not custom built jars. We also do not take bug reports for outdated versions of Minecraft, but since we're going to be in 1.7.10 forever, as I (Mortvana) am a big RotaryCraft fan, that's not really an issue, now is it. You are allowed to fork and modify Thaumic Revelations, and submit Pull Requests, and even port it if the whole team happens to spontaneously implode and/or drop the project without notice, if you really feel like helping, you could decide to maintain a branch for TC6. You can copy portions of code for use in other projects, or even use our code as a dependency for other mods. Any contributions to this repository are automatically licensed under this license, as to circumvent bureaucratic bullshit, so if you don't agree with it, you probably shouldn't contribute. Any code copied from, derived from, or building on our non-API code must be publicly visible; You keep ALL rights to your OWN code, but you still must make your source visible (Honestly, you should do that either way :P). You are forbidden from claiming any code, which you did not write as your own. If you copy a large portion of the code, say 35%, you must at least state that you learned from and used our code, in your repository's Also, just use common sense and follow Wheaton's Law


In Human Readable Text:

- Thaumic Revelations's code in any form (even genetic) belongs to Mortvana and All His Friends.
- You may not publically distribute unofficial Thaumic Revelations binaries without permission from the "Doctor Stangeglove, The All-derping Fluxlord of Cheese and Potatoes", or his henchmen, such as "Derpkus, The Thaumic Methcook", and "Abdildo the Mighty".
- You may distribute official (from the CurseForge page) Thaumic Revelations binaries without our permission, as long as you follow all other rules.
- Go ahead and use Thaumic Revelations in **OFFICIAL** modpacks (a modpack permissions to include all mods included) or private modpacks (packs which have closed access). A Dropbox folder with friends, an FTB Private Pack with a SECRET (READ: Not posted ANYWHERE public), etc., count as private packs.
- Any modpack using Thaumic Revelations must handle bug reports first.
- Don't report bugs for outdated versions of Minecraft, but since we are eternally in the 1.7.10 golden age, it doesn't matter.
- You can fork, modify, and make pull requests.
- You can copy portions of the code, and are encouraged to learn from it.
- Anything submitted is automatically licensed under this license, because legal bullshit.
- Any code based on our code must be publicly visible, but you still own it.
- You can't claim any code here as your own, unless it actually is.
- If you copy a decent portion of code (around 35%) you must state that.
- Most importantly, you MUST follow Wheaton's Law; Don't be a Dick (appending Cheney is optional) (Also don't be a cork soaker, a Greggy-Greg, etc.)
- Always remember to end one sentence per README with a comma,


If you have queries about any license or the above support restrictions, hop on our Discord at