Vanhals Mod Licence

0. Definitions

Minecraft: Denotes a copy of the Minecraft game licensed by Mojang AB

User: Anybody that interacts with the software in one of the following ways:
- play
- decompile
- recompile or compile
- modify
- distribute

Mod: The mod code designated by the present license, in source form, binary
form, as obtained standalone, as part of a wider distribution or resulting from
the compilation of the original or modified sources.

Dependency: Code required for the mod to work properly. This includes
dependencies required to compile the code as well as any file or modification
that is explicitly or implicitly required for the mod to be working.

1. Scope

The current license is granted to any user of the mod with the exception of
any code contributions made to the main github by users other than Vanhal
before the 20th Feb 2015 which remain licensed  under the GPLv2 licence.
The licence also does not apply to code that was taken from other sources or
dependencies included which remain licensed  under their previous licence.
Those exceptions should be commented in the code.
A copy of the GPLv2 licence is included in the repository for the previous code.

2. Source Code

All rights reserved

Contribution to this repository means that you are granting us rights over
the code that you choose to contribute.
If you do not agree with that, do not contribute.

You can:
-Fork and modify the code.
-Submit Pull Requests to this repository.
-Copy portions of this code for use in other free projects.
-Write your own code that uses this code as a dependency. (addon mods!)

-Redistribute this in its entirety as source or compiled code unless otherwise agreed
-Create or distribute code which contains 50% or more Functionally Equivalent Statements* from this repository
-Use any

*A Functionally Equivalent Statement is a code fragment which, regardless of whitespace and object names, achieves the same result. Basically you can't copy the code, rename the variables, add whitespace and say it's different. It's not.

3. Distribution

This mod cannot be distributed on its own from any source unless given explicit permission.
Failure to obtain permission and distributing the mod anyway will be considered copyright
infringement and legal action may be taken. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money
off mod are strictly forbidden.

Allowed distribution sources: /
The official github repository
The connected account

4. Modpacks

Full permission is granted to include the mod in any modpack (public or private) provided credit
is given, the pack does not attempt to make money and all parts of the mod are available free
of charge to all players.
While permission is given under these terms by default, I do reserve the right to revoke permission.
Failure to read this licence and ASK me for permission to use this mod will result in your permission
being revoked.

5. Servers

Servers may install and use this mod on it's own or as part of a mod pack.

Servers may:
- Disable parts of the mod as provided for in the mod configs
- Use the mod as long as it is free to use by everyone equally
- Charge a blanket subscription to the server

Servers may not:
- Charge for access to the mod or any portion of the mod using real or virtual currency including donations
- Limit access to the mod or any portion of the mod to a subset of the server through ranks or otherwise.
- Give items or blocks from the mod in exchange for donations or real or virtual currency

By using the mod on a server you accept the licence as it is here.