Phase Alias Palette Swap - Phase Connect


Texture swaps the following 6 pals with ones based off the following members of Phase Alias:
Celaray - Remilia Nephys
Mossanda - Komachi Panko
Petallia - Himemiya Rie
Cattiva - Makina Erina
Fuddler - Amanogawa Shiina
Direhowl - Chisaka Airi

- (Optional) Replaces pal icons with ones for the members.

Extract the "PhaseAlias_P.pak" file into steamapps/common/Palworld/Pal/Content/Paks/~mods
If you don't know where that is, you can right click the game in your Steam library and select "Manage > Browse Local Files" and go from there.

I have no affiliation with Phase Connect. Just a fan, yo.