Pal Info


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Installation / How To Setup (STEAM)

  1. Download the Mod zip file
  2. Download the latest release of RE-UE4SS (or direct download)
  3. Go to game's directory (Right click Palworld in Steam -> Manage -> Browse Local Files)
  4. From here open the Pal folder, then Binaries, then Win64
  5. Unzip the UE4SS zipped file and place only the contents of the unzipped folder into your Win64 folder
  6. Launch the game to generate additional files.
  7. If you are using an older version of UE4SS, you will have to manually turn BPModloader from 0 to 1. Go to Mods folder and edit the mods.txt file
  8. Run the game to generate additional files
  9. Go back to the Pal folder
  10. From here open the Content folder then Paks
  11. There should be a LogicMods folder, but if there isn't then make one
  12. Unzip the Mod file and inside should be a file named PalInfo.pak. Place this file inside of the LogicMods folder
  13. Go download the Pal Info Configs side mod or begin playing now using default settings

Enabled (True / False) - Turn mod on or off
HideXXX (True / False) - Whether to hide the specified XXX UI element

CenterDrops (True / False) - Whether to center-align the content of the Pal Drops container. By default it is left-aligned.

LookDistance (Any Number) - How far away the Pal is allowed to be to show UI. Currently uses very large units, but someone asked for it to be even larger
UIOpacity (Decimal between 0 and 1) - Changes how transparent the UI is
UntilHideDuration (Any Number) - Number of seconds until UI will hide after breaking line of sight

UI_X_Position (Any Number) -
UI_Y_Position (Any Number) -

UI_X_Scale (Decimal, 1 is default)
UI_Y_Scale (Decimal, 1 is default)

Possible Configs and their Default Value

<figure class="quote col-3-3"></figure>

Enabled = true

HideIcon = false
HidePalName = false
HideLevel = false
HideGender = false
HideHPText = false
HideHPBar = false
HideElements = false
HideStats = false
HidePassives = false
HideCaught = false
HidePalsInBox = false
HideDrops = false

CenterDrops = false

UIOpacity = 0.55

LookDistance = 30000

UntilHideDuration = 5

UI_X_Position = 4
UI_Y_Position = 4

UI_X_Scale = 1
UI_Y_Scale = 1