Display current date time and coordinates


Displays the date, time and coordinates on the map! Customizable!


Open config.lua with Notepad to find:

You can change the font color, size and type! For example if you want to change the font to red and bold you do:
config.color = "red" and config.fontType = "Bold"

The color has to be inside quotes (this symbol: ").

The font type has to be inside quotes and it is case sensitive. For example "regular" won't work, it needs to be "Regular".

When you open the map when you first load into the game, the font color, size and type will be the default ones. Close the map and open it again for the settings to take effect. This happens because the map object is loaded when you first open it, so there's no way to make any changes before opening it.


  1. Read "Correct folder and file structure".
  2. Delete xinput1_3.dll in \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64 if you installed the xinput version of REUE4SS.
  3. Download REUE4SS: Releases · UE4SS-RE/RE-UE4SS (github.com). Latest version is 3, direct link to 3: Release v3.0.0 · UE4SS-RE/RE-UE4SS (github.com). File name: "UE4SS_v3.0.0.zip".
  4. Drop its files to \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64.
  5. Download the mod.
  6. Drop its folder in \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods.
  7. Read "Notes".

Correct folder and file structure

  1. \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\UE4SS.dll
  2. \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\UE4SS-settings.ini
  3. \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\dwmapi.dll
  4. \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods\DisplayDateTime\Scripts\main.lua


I suggest using Notepad++ since its way better than Notepad. Makes messing with all kinds of text files easier. 

If you want help, info on modding the game and your server you can join the Palworld modding discord server: Invite for Palworld modding discord  

REUE4SS generates a log file named UE4SS.log in \Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\. You can open it with Notepad to see for errors.

If you installed everything correctly you should something like "Mod 'Pause' has enabled.txt, starting mod." in your log file.

If the mod isn't working for you or if you have any errors you can share the contents of your log file on Pastebin.com and share the link in the bugs section of the mod.

To help with crashes open UE4SS-settings.ini in \Pal\Binaries\Win64 and set bUseUObjectArrayCache to false.

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