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This mod adds a configurable Shop, Teleport System and Extra options for Pals, Qol

-The Shop is opened by pressing NUM+
-It contains Items and extra options ( Repair equipment, Revive Pals, Override Passiv Skills with Fighte, Movespeed and Work Speed oriented ones, Swap Gender of a Pal, Set the Talents ( hidden stat ) of a Pal to the Max, and EXP to you and your Team )
-Shop and extra options configurable via a config file

Teleport System:
-Open the menu with NUM+ to Teleport to Guild Memebers
-Use Num1 - 7 to Teleport to your bases
-Use NUM9 to Teleport to Safty
-These options can can be deactivated via a config file

Other Config Settings:
-A Multiplier for the Spoil time of Food in the Food Bag slots
-A Multiplier for the Pal Storage Slots
-The option to change how many Pals are needed for the different condensation levels
-A HUD extension that shows up when targeting a Pal that you have Captures less then 10 times

-The config File will be created when you start up PalWorld for the first with this Mod Installed. It will be located in the LogicMods folder and is named Kav_PalModSettings.json

This mod need UE4SS to function. Mod is tested with UE4SS 2.52 in Single Player and Coop Play