World War 2 US Sides

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This is my first map so there might be some mistakes.And this is only Working Progress there will be much much more things to do.In this map you are playing as a WW2 soldier named Martin.And play this map in render distance of 4 chunks.The reason for that is because in some other area in your mission, will start a battle because the soldiers will go in a certain amount of time.So if you lowered the render distance they will stay there until you come near it.Other stuff of the map will explain itself. Hope you enjoy my map and there are tiny easy to find secret chests that might have COOL guns and stuff.



*This map requires mods (Flan's mod and Custom Npc's Mod)

*This map requires my WW2 resource pack.Here's the link : (I highly recommend Downloading the latest beta version.not the old ones)


- Optional

I have packed all of the mods into a zip for that making it easier to find all of the stuff.


How to install the pack -

1. First open the zip and go to your game directory and to your mods folder, drag and drop ONLY the CustomNpcs mod and Flan's mod only those two.

2. Then go to your normal game directory and just drag and drop the Flan folder. Just drag and drop it. And you are done!

(You need forge for mods as usual)



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