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Alley of Sinope

Main street that connects two gates of Sinope, Roman themed city.

Dwarven Night Watch

Both Kelgram & Vol Thurim dwarven territories, two twin mountains forging one unbreakable alliance. During the night, towers watch towers are lit up & scouts on guard.

Edge of Warlands

Warlands, vast barren desert controlled by fearsome Orcs, neighboring forests.


Gledor, capital city of Yuscua, kingdom of the human race. Assassin's guild members lurk upon the dark rooftops, giving them the chance to see beautiful sights of dawning & moonlight. Gledor is also known for a famous tavern, owned by Pewdiepie himself.

Rag Dugron, Enterance

Orcs may be primitive & fearsome foes but they are known to be honest & honorable warriors.

Saint Pendulian

Hamlet, built with Japan architecture in the honor of Lord Pendulian.

Scorched Expanse

The Admin built the walls, yet some evil entered Wesceon before the world was enclosed. They cannot spread without their core & source of power. Their leader gone, they formed a new faction known as the Scorched Expanse.

Warlands Countryside

Life on the countryside, might seem lonely but the air sure is fresh.

Two Lovers

Two lovers within Sinope, a fine place to date!

Hamlet's View

View from a hidden, rouge hamlet with a small population of bandits.

Training Grounds

Those who guard the cities of Yuscua have been trained within the city of Sinope.

Alley of Gledor

One of many alleys within the capital city of Yuscua