Map Info:
You wake up one morning and its your final exams of becoming knights to your kingdom, but you nothing of whats been happening to the world.

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This is a multiplayer map 2-4. You can play solo if you want, but it will be much easier if you have friends playing with you. This map does contain a lot of red stone and command blocks, but they're all simple so you shouldn't have any problems. It's recommend to set your difficultly to "Easy" it should already be set if you don't know how, you can change the difficultly if you think you can handle the challenge. And Command Blocks enable.

You play in "gamemode 0" Survival mode. Your Not suppose to break any blocks unless it tells you to, but grass, flowers, leaf blocks, its fine if you break those, no one cares. Don't place any blocks either unless it tells you to, but don't worry if you forget, their will always be a notification that you can break/place blocks when the time comes. If your stuck and your going to chest, am not going to stop you, just be careful about it. 

You shouldn't worry too much about puzzles, they are not very hard to solve or that many, but sometimes you can't move forward without pulling a lever or pushing a button.

I don't know how good you at at parkour, their only few, but they're some parkour in the map, and their will be check point and save point if they do get difficult.

They're a bunch of boss battles, their not many bonus bosses, but most of won't be easy to take on, they're all custom summon mobs. Kinda the reason why I made this map, I wanted a map where I can fight custom boss mobs, but cause I can't find any so I made one myself.

I don't know if you guys will like the story or not, I keep on rewriting the story hoping it's a good story and not just something that nothing make since.

You will use emerald for shopping, to buy food, weapons and armor, and maybe a few other things that could be really useful. You can get emeralds in many ways, at first only side quest and chest, but their will be a job for you, and you can sell mob flesh after you beat the 2nd story boss.    

Game Play:
I have not played the whole thing myself, but by the time I got half way their it took me 3-4 hours.(wasn't playing attention but took me awhile) This map will take awhile for you to play, I don't suspect your to beat it in 1 day, my guess it will take you about 5-7 hours. So this will be a long adventure.  

Please don't cheat:
I know I said that am not stopping you on cheating, what I really mean is don't pile up or break fence to get though/over something cause that's the main trail, because you will most likely skip a whole chapter if you do so, just don't break any fence or iron doors that's blocking you, their might be something that's important to you in that chapter that you will need by the end of the story. 

I really don't mind if you recorded this at all, I would enjoy watching you guys having fun playing my map. 

At first it's a keep moving forward kind of map, after you beat the first 2 story bosses their would be a lot of changes: More space, more chest, story extended. From that point it's kind choice your own adventure, you can stay on the main trail and fallow the story, you can wonder off the tail and explore, go and find some hidden chest or super rare treasure. and even back track anywhere and anytime. Basically you can go and do whatever you want, but the rules still apply like breaking blocks