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Don't know what game mode to play? Well, play everything in Variety. A map featuring eight different types of Minecraft game modes including Maze, Parkour, Find the Button, Puzzle, Dropper, Trivia, Escape, and Combat.

  This is Variety. A map where you can play eight different game modes at any time you want. You can leave levels at any time and go back to them later and start different game modes at different times. You have a lot of freedom and can play any level at any time. Also if you get stuck on anything you can just visit my Youtube channel and watch the walkthrough I did of the map! Listed below are the different game modes and the levels that they have.


  • Maze - (9 Levels)
  • Parkour - (9 Levels)
  • Find the Button - (9 Levels)
  • Puzzle - (9 Levels)
  • Dropper - (9 Levels)
  • Trivia - (10 Questions)
  • Escape - (1 Mansion)
  • Combat - (11 Mobs + 1 Boss)

  Variety was inspired by Diversity. I'm sure you can tell even by the names, and I wanted to have a similar idea where in one map you can have access to so many different things. So, about two years ago I started this project and after a couple of months, I just stopped working on it. Recently, Minecraft started to become more popular and because of this, I decided to come back to this and finish it for good. Thanks for reading and have a good day! -(2019)


Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vITLO1dRleo