The Siegebreaker

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.1


Sep 5, 2017

Owner: piecia997

A great adventure from the creators of Cubeception and From Ashes/Flames!


Made in Poland by: Gustavo Team (Geminos & piecia997)


Background story:
You are the Siegebreaker, an elite servant of the demonic lord, a warrior who specializes in conquering other worlds. One fine day you wake up in hell, just as usual, but this time you feel something strange about yourself. As if you have been possessed by someone else's will - and suddenly your fellow demons begin to hunt you.
Discover what has happened to you.
Follow the trail of your past misdoings.
Travel to distant and exotic lands, and to the shores of the Great Emptiness itself.

Map description:
Dungeons, boss fights, exploration, secrets, puzzles and parkour, all in one package. Play using the adventure mode and easy/normal/hard.
The map is divided into 3 chapters and it is around 3-6 hours long.
You can play using default textures, though we recommend the JohnSmith Legacy resource pack.






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