The search for UnspeakableGaming [YOUTUBER PLAYED!]

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UNSPEAKABLEGAMING PLAYED MY MAP! Check out the video here:



This map is dedicated to my favorite minecraft youtuber ever, UnspeakableGaming!


You are on a journey, a journey to find a very popular person, a very important person, and a great minecraft player...

Through the forest, down a ravine, across the river, it will take a while but you can do it!


This map contains a TON of custom stuff, including:

  • A custom resource pack. (it's built into the game, so it will load itself. you don't have to do anything to load it)
  • A GIANT pixel art creation at the end of the map!
  • Easter Eggs hidden around the world. (there is a total of 4)
  • AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!





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