The Mapper

268 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.13

The mapper is a story driven map about a mapper named Artsicle. Someone offers to get out of the map, you take the offer. You must collect 3 teleportation fragments to get out of the map, but will the Artsicle find out about your little plot before you manage to complete it?


If you want screenshots, you may spoil a bit of the map. I think it's best to play blind, it may be fine to only look at a few screenshots though.






This map is story driven, and is pretty short. It takes < 10 minutes to complete.



 Story Driven

3 songs (copyright free)

1 month of my life



Multiplayer Compatible

Find the button



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(you're not allowed to package your maps with any other files, so I had to put the README.txt file here)


This map is multiplayer compatible

If you're going to play this map multiplayer, send who you're playing it with the file



There are pictures of the map in the thumbnails folder.

If you do record on youtube i'd like to see your video! If you got the map from, comment your video, and

if you got the map from, reply with your video! I'll put youtubers' videos in the post!

Although I doubt there will be any youtubers playing this map, still good to prepare.



The map folder is "The Mapper". To install it go to your saves directory, normally you go to the file explorer and type

"%appdata%\.minecraft\saves", and then drag it in there. Unless you configured it so the map doesnt go in there, you drag

the map file in there. It will appear as the top map in your worlds list ingame.




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