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:SSSS:The Dungeon of Death:SSSS:

You are a young brave adventurer struck with misfortune. You have been arrested and thrown into a dungeon can you escape when the time is right?

This is an adventure map for 1-2 players. It takes 30-60 minutes to complete. It is a small map with lots of fun and challenging obstacles that will put you on the edge of your seat. This map includes: Boss fights, parkour, puzzles, lots of easter eggs & hidden loot!

I personally recommend that you play this map with shaders. I also recommend that you play some background ambience adventure music when playing, I recommend this track: LINK

This map is actually the 2nd version of The Dungeon of Death that I first published 6 years ago, it has been completely reworked and is infinitely better now. Moreover, the complexity of the map has also been increased to make it take longer than before. This has been my own personal project that I 100% built by myself, I have poured my soul into it and I really sincerely hope that you enjoy this map. If you have any problems and questions, leave a comment below or feel free to contact me on discord: Astrosi#3570

 Leaderboard :
When you are done playing the map, you can post in the comments your time to complete the map as well as a YouTube video link as proof, if your time is fast enough, I will include you in the "board of fame" on the map (:

There is nothing special about the installation of this map.
To install the map on PC simply goto: %appdata% --> Roaming --> .minecraft --> saves
And then drag the map in and extract it there. Done.

My YouTube Page:

Overhead view of the layout of the map.