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The Bowman


This small endless survival minigame gives you the opportunity to fight it out in a cemetery themed arena against four different types of enemy, as one of four classes. Enter the arena as a Ranger, Sniper, Sorcerer or Brute, and fight enemies each with their own individual strengths. The game also allows you to choose the weather setting inside the arena - a clear night with a full moon, or a raging thunderstorm, and a scoreboard system keeps track of how many enemies you kill each round. You can reset the arena for an endless number of games.

Installation guide is included in a ReadMe file



- Four individual classes, each with different weapons, armor, potions, food, arrows, enchantments, and play styles

- Four different enemy types, from baby zombies to wither skeletons, each with their own strengths

- A 70 * 70 cemetery themed arena and two weather settings

- A scoreboard to keep track of your kills each round, and a reset switch for an infinite number of plays



Map made by Morgan Clasper

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