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Welcome to the amazing air race, a multiplayer race map created for V1.13.2 . This map can support up to 10 players! You can race in any method you like. Get emeralds so you can shop for items at Marketplace or farm enderpearls at Enderman's Lair. Choose a class and don't forget to activate your checkpoint so you don't lose your progress. First player to reach the end is the winner. For more information and alternate version of this map can be found here.


Mansion Mayhem, a minigame that can be unlock by winning the race. You can farm emeralds inside a replicate of a minecraft mansion. Only winners can access it unless that person invite his/her friends along. But be careful though. The more player enter the mansion, the more mobs will spawn and they can deal big damage. Note: You will set to Adventure mode when you enter so you can't mine anything inside the mansion.
Mansion Mayhem