Prepare yourself, for you must go on a long and dangerous journey to find out if your family is okay. Travel through various landscapes, from your cabin in the woods to the harbor of Skeleton Bay and try to reach your ultimate destination: the city of Tall Trees.


Although you’ve left Tall Trees years ago, you still have some relatives living over there, who often sent you letters. However, you haven’t heard from them in a while now, which made you quite concerned. To make sure nothing’s wrong, you decide to go on a journey, back to your old hometown. But it doesn’t take long before you realize that this might not be as easy as it first seemed.


Play the first four chapters of the Tall Trees Adventure Map and make your way to Tall Trees. Each chapter has its own unique setting and quests. Besides the main quest line there is plenty to discover, such as side quests, puzzles and locations.


-          Four playable unique chapters

-          3 – 4 hours of gameplay

-          Main and secondary quests

-          Rewards through quests

-          Well written dialogues and narratives

-          Support for up to two players