Swapping Chunks

3,424 Downloads Last Updated: May 26, 2016 Game Version: 1.9.4

Swapping Chunks is an original PvP map designed for Minecraft 1.9


The arena consists in chunks of 8*8 blocks that can be randomly swapped. When a chunk is going to be destroyed, you'll have a little warning in your hotbar and explosion particles. If you want to live, don't stay in these chunks.
The longer a player stay in a chunk the higher the chance for this chunk to be destroyed: You'll have to move!



Settings, settings and.. settings!
You can create up to 8 different teams, make your teams random, select one of the 3 gamemodes available, change the biome of the map, define the objective and more!

Planning to play with a lot of people? You can remove the sign that let anyone to start the game: only operators will be able to do it then throught the book (options page).



Your game is bugging? Started too early? An operator can teleport itself to (0,90,0) then enter in the settings area to stop the game.


Three Gamemodes

- Fight For Fun (or Free for All) : There's no team in this mode, try to be the last player alive.
To spice up the whole thing, special zombies can appear in this mode: some of them are faster than you, others will be more tanky and some of them will try to buff other zombies. Don't let them surrend you!

- Melee: Each players has a determined number of lives, last team alive wins!
A player with no remaining lives will enter in spectator mode, when all players of a team is dead, this team is declared as eliminated.

- Capture the Flag: Try to keep the banner as long as you can with you.
At the beggining of the game, the flag will spawn in the middle of the arena, walk on it to capture it. If the holder is killed, the flag will respawn in one of the 4 safe spots of the map. When you hold the flag, you're slower and glowing: everyone will be able to track you easily.



Read a book: Right click the enchantment table to get a book with rules, options for operators and more!


Custom Items

There's more than 20 custom items: Shulker Eggs, Battle Axe, Dummies, Custom Potions (including lingering ones), Custom Arrows, Shield...  Don't forget to use your offhand too!
If enabled, you can choose to start with a kit: right-click an enchantment table to modify your starting items.


Minecraft 1.9 Features

Offhand, Tipped Arrows, Lingering Potions, New Blocks, Shield, Cooldown, Loot Tables... Most of the new Minecraft 1.9 mechanics are used in this map! A little tutorial is available if you want to try them before the real fight.


Achievements and rank

For the fun, try to unlock some custom achievements (check the enderchest) and find eastereggs. There's also a ranking system: try to kill enough player to reach Enderdragon rank!


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