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Spawncube v2.0



The original Spawncube was released back in October 2015 (almost 4 years ago!), and to celebrate (and because the map ended up breaking over time) I have completely overhauled the map in almost every way!


How to Play

Bridge from Island to Island killing mobs from the spawners and collecting their loot (which has been changed to a loot table related to that Island, for example, mobs at the Dungeon Island drop Dungeon chest loot, Desert Mobs drop Desert Pyramid loot) to eventually build farms around the spawners to make the process easier.


End Goal

Reach the End and fight the ender dragon while having fun along the way!


Custom Mechanics

The pickup delay for Freshly mined cobblestone is removed preventing most Cobblestone from getting destroyed.

Fortune can be used on Cobblestone allowing you to get more Cobblestone while mining it (having a higher fortune does help)

Item scattering upon death has been removed preventing items from being lost when dying near an edge


Changes since v1.6 (for those who have played this map before)

+Added Ice Spikes/Snow Island

+Added Desert Island

+Added The Nether-Ending Island

+Overhauled every Island (with the exception of the Spawn Island)


-Removed Stranded Miner
-Removed End Portal Island

-Removed Nether Island




THEGamingninja - Creator/Editor/Tester

Doominik - Builder

s0ul - Tester