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In a world packed with 3 epic slime block robots of destruction, or a game that brings new take on an old classic . . . I- I have no idea where I'm going with this, I just thought I'd try this out because, you know, slime block robots, epic proportions of destruction, yeah. Please give me support back on Minecraft Forum for more . . . cool stuff like this, and . . . yeah.


Behold: The largest collection of slimestone creations in one folder - The Slimestone: Rise of the New King - VIP All Pack!


The Slimestone: Rise of the New King - VIP All Pack is unique in the fact that there isn't just one world in the folder, but several folders all in the same compressed folder. Each folder is a world containing one or several of my creations. Distinguishing between worlds with one or more creations is simple. If the file has the word "Bundle" at the end, then that world contains several slimestone creations. If the file does not have "Bundle" at the end, it contains a single creation whose name, in most cases, is the name of the file. The only exception to this rule is Missile Wars 1.9, whose folder name is Missile Wars 2 (NOT to be confused with the mini-game that actually goes by the name of Missile Wars 2). Each folder is different. No two folders are exactly the same. The file is currently a WIP, but I will be adding to it in the future. Enjoy!


Missile Wars 1.9 is designed to be added to Multiplayer servers. You must have at least 2 players in total and 1 player on each of the two teams to play the game. If possible, DISABLE CHEATS for all players except for your server's staff members before releasing the mini-game to the public.


WARNING: The Slimestone: Rise of the New King - VIP All Pack and its contents are available for Fair Use only. Copyright infringement of any part of these builds will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form, and is punishable according to the laws of the country that you live in, unless you accidentally forgot to give the proper credit for it, as long as you remember to give it later. Otherwise, this will be considered copyright infringement until the proper credit is given. By downloading this folder you agree to these terms and the laws of your country.