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Skyblock BUT really really bad... Minecraft Map


I'm sure all of you have met the dreaded phantoms of Minecraft. Who on Earth wouldn't despise these annoying, always frustrating troublemakers that won't let you be? So I had an idea. What if I took all this hatred towards phantoms and made a data pack/world type based around them? Sound challenging, huh? Well, it is. Now only phantoms spawn in this world. But if that wouldn't be challenging enough, you're on a skyblock. There is no land nearby. You can still complete the game if you want to. I made sure to make strongholds and swamp huts spawn. Now swamp huts are very important! Every 150-300 blocks one swamp hut generates above the nonexistent bedrock. Once in a while witches can drop iron, obsidian and flint so if you're persistent enough you can make your very own nether portal. As usual 128 strongholds generate in the world. The nearest one is between 1200 and 2500 blocks from the spawn. Strongholds are much more dangerous now. You either take advantage of your parkour skills or brings lots of temporary blocks to make your way to the portal but beware... Phantoms are insanely drawn to strongholds and will spawn in mass numbers :) Enjoy the suffering!

Skyblock BUT really really bad... Minecraft Map

  • Skyblock but it is actually very bad, annoying, frustrating and depressing
  • As first challenge even the island is upside down and you need to be extremely careful not to fall out of the world while trying to get your first sapling
  • Swamp huts are now of importance as well as witches
  • Strongholds generate in thin air
  • As one expands their small island the chance of phantoms spawning increase with the area so make sure to light out every tiny bit of space
  • One bucket of lava and water as well as a piece of seed included so take care of them :)
  • Piglins can now barter bucket of water instead of bottle of water
  • One can still get diamonds and netherite stuff in the nether
  • As a viable food source one can gather red and brown mushrooms from the witch/swamp hut and make mushroom farms for mushroom stew
  • The world only generates plains biome which is modified to play soul sand valley environmental effects such as dark music, ash particles and so on