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*Note: The city works in all versions 1.12.2+.


About Shmar:

Shmar is a solo-built, fictional city based on Chicago and similar midwestern cities. The city is very realistic and detailed with lots of places to explore and interiors in every building. The city is very reminiscent of Chicago architecture and urban planning. I have spent 1000s of hours building it, and this is only the beginning as I plan to continue working on it.


Some builds you can find include:

Capital Building (spawn)

Union Station


Fire Station


Food Truck Lot



Construction Site

Grocery Store

Skate Park

Small harbor

Train Yard

And over 40 buildings!


There is an optional resource pack, but the city will still look fine in default textures. The city is best viewed with Chocapic v6 Shaders or Complementary Shaders.


Optional Resource Pack:


If you are going to use the map on a Minecraft server or YouTube video, please provide proper credit. Do not upload this map to other websites without my permission.


I will be making a bedrock version of the map in the future.

If there are any bugs/mistakes please leave a comment below.