Scary Stuff 2

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So, the first Scary Stuff was awful, sorry about that. I made this one to redeem myself.

It is him . . .


He is here . . .


And you are not alone . . .



After a hard day in the mineshaft, you decide to go home. You take the wrong tunnel by mistake and end up outside a creepy mansion in the middle of the deep, dark forest. You intended to ask the owner of the mansion for directions to the plains (where you live). You ring the doorbell, then the door opens, but nobody was behind it. You walk inside and the door closes behind you, but you turn around and realize there was nobody to close it, there wasn't even anyone to open the door in the first place. You take a Candle from the chest in front of you and try to find your way out of the dark, creepy mansion...




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