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Scaffolding Rush




Scaffolding Rush is a minigame map that exploits the macanics of scaffolding to create very easily destructible constructions. Moreover, the ground, made of magma blocks, will progress in height and will destroy little by little all the structures. The goal of the game is to kill the villagers of the opposing teams and then to kill all the opposing members by making them fall on the magma blocks. To do this, each player is equipped with scaffolding and blocks of concrete dust to advance towards the enemies, and a snowball to push them into the void. Each player can also destroy the scaffolding, resulting in massive destruction of all structures that have not been secured.




  • Leîrof: concept idea
  • Loumardes: dev, Minimal Viable Product
  • Theaustudio: dev, trailer
  • Laizo: dev
  • TretinV3: dev
  • KaliTheKitsune: dev


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