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Hello! Over the past several years I have been working on a faithful recreation of Johto and Kanto from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Now, it's finally complete! They are my favorite games in the series, and so I felt inspired to make a full recreation of the two regions within Minecraft.

One thing I had noticed about various Pokémon maps was that, while they were accurately reconstructed, towns and routes sometimes felt too bunched up with one another, or that there was a lot of empty space just outside town and route borders. This is something I aimed to avoid in my map. As seen in the screenshots above, the world is full of terraformed land as well as accurately sized buildings. While routes are mostly 1:1, I played around with the scale of towns and cities so that they look good and accurate and also allow the player to enter buildings as they please. This map also features real elevation changes!


What version is this map?

The map was finished using blocks up through 1.18. As such, it may be compatible with 1.17, though I would recommend 1.18.

What is included in the map?

The entirety of the Johto and Kanto maps, including all towns, cities, caves, and other locations as depicted in the HGSS games. Some things, such as the interior of Battle Frontier buildings, are not included. In short, the vast majority of locations have been rebuilt. If a player encounters it in the main campaign, it's there.

Will it work with Pixelmon/texture packs?

This map was not built with intention of having any Pixelmon compatibility. It is also intended to be played with the vanilla 1.18 textures.


The download link can be found above. As a side note, I am open to further tweaking this map if need be. Consider this a "version 1.0" of sorts. Feel free to use this map for whatever you like, so long as you credit me. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Thank you and enjoy!


World Icon Art: