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Welcome to PiyoChamber - a PvP Training Facility for you and your friends



The concept is simple: A centralized system with multiple gamemodes and multiple maps, all in one for you, the player, to enjoy with your friends. To start with, we have released PiyoChamber with a total of 4 gamemodes and 63 maps - and there will be more to come!


4 Modes!

PiyoChamber has 4 modes to play in! This video will explain them all:





Standard Mode

Enter the game to engage in a 1v1 battle! In this mode, you will battle with standard Minecraft equipment along with standard Minecraft cooldowns. With a shield, axe, sword and bow, can you outsmart your enemy?


Classic Mode

Enter the game to engage in a 1v1 battle! In this mode, you will receive the gear that people used to fight with in the past - just a sword and a bow. With no weapon cooldowns like the fast weapons of the past, can you take down your enemy before he takes you down?


One in the Chamber Mode

Welcome to Free-For-All mode! One in the Chamber (OITC) is a mode where your bow will instantly shred your opponents. Every kill you get, you receive one arrow to use! To keep the game fast-paced, your sword will have no cooldown. Reach a kill objective or kill streak objective to win!


Precision Strike Mode

Welcome to the second mode in Free-For-All! This is Precision Strike (P-Strike). Here, your weapon will take a while to charge up, but using it to deal a critical hit will instantly obliterate anyone who sustains the hit. Reach a kill objective or kill streak objective to win!


67+ Maps!

Team Three Quarters has designed a massive selection of arenas for you to play in. Let's take a look at some spotlights.





P-1001 Guardian Garden
P-1002 Picea Mines
P-1003 Fallen Factory
P-1004 Berryleaf
P-1005 Square Ignis
P-1006 Spruce Outpost
P-1007 The Pie
P-1008 Suspended
P-1009 Contrast
P-1010 Darkhall
P-1011 Curvature
P-1012 Brickwork
P-1013 Frozen Throne
P-1014 Tritium Arena
P-1015 Overvividity
P-1016 Cut-Out
P-1017 Sandswept
P-1018 Saloon
P-1019 Checkers
P-1020 Flush
P-1021 Beehouse



P-2001 Redstone Temple II
P-2002 Concrete Alpha
P-2003 Focal Point
P-2004 Minifort
P-2005 Abstract
P-2006 Concrete Beta
P-2007 Groundwork
P-2008 Deuterium Arena
P-2009 Stonebound
P-2010 The Eye
P-2011 Phase Violet
P-2012 Interlaced
P-2013 Lava Taps
P-2014 ZeZe-Ate-The-Walls Cemetery
P-2015 Aquatic Hideout
P-2016 Wizard's Den
P-2017 Dustbale Pyramid
P-2018 Cryomancer's Altar
P-2019 Concrete Gamma
P-2020 Phase Scarlet
P-2021 The Loghouse
P-2022 Highlands
P-2023 My First World
P-2024 Desert Village
P-2025 Cosy Campsite
P-2026 Swampside
P-2027 Iced Dreams
P-2028 Nethertrench
P-2029 Beehive



P-3001 Blackstar
P-3002 Purple Disco II
P-3003 Equix
P-3004 Skyblock
P-3005 Modern Twist
P-3006 Hydrogen Arena
P-3007 Void Junction
P-3008 Obsidian Ring
P-3009 Poppy Library
P-3010 Windows Hallways
P-3011 Rainbow Temple
P-3012 Playfield
P-3013 Portals
P-3014 White Tower
P-3015 Tubes
P-3016 Nethergates
P-3017 Beeshrine