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Pixelmon Kalos is an adventure map recreation of the Pokemon X & Y games from the 3DS. The map requires the Pixelmon Reforged mod and the TrainerCommands sidemod.


If you prefer, this map also has a Technic pack you can find by going to this link, or by searching for "Pixelmon Kalos - Jond" in the modpacks section, and will configure the map automatically.


The Pixelmon Kalos map seeks to recreate the Pokemon X & Y games in Minecraft, with true-to-game Pokemon spawn locations, trainers, full story and dialogue from the games. Explore the Kalos region with your friends/rivals, take on Team Flare, the evil faction trying to take over the world, test your battle skills at the Battle Maison, Chateau, or restaurants, and much more!

Additionally, through redstone and the resource pack, the map contains over 50 custom modeled items, signs, and story-based models, a randomizer gamemode, music on every route corresponding to the games, a Fly HM to visit cities, a Friend Safari unlocked by battling trainers, Mega Stones and hunting depending on the time of day, Honey that attracts hoard Pokemon, Rock Smash rocks that can contain items or Pokemon, Strength and Cut to navigate the world, Berry Trees, a custom Starter Sequence, and more!

Version 2.0

Version 1.0 

The map is singleplayer and multiplayer friendly, as long as you are using a forge or Spongeforge-based server (Nucleus may mess with the map's commands, among other plugins, so use with caution!).



Resource Pack Links:

These packs come with the download of the map! But if you need direct links to send to friends playing with you, you can send them these:

Current Version:
2.1.1 Resource Pack




Version Changelog





Let's Plays:

(Version 2.0s)

Myself (Jond)

(Version 1.0s)







(Pre-Release, 1.0 full playthrough)
Myself & Head-builder Ozzy playtesting

This was our first experience playtesting the map, mainly just looking for bug fixes before release, going through just about everything. 




If you're having issues with the map, try running the command "/function tools:infolist" in Minecraft and reading the info the command generates in chat. The most common issues should be explained in some form or attempted to be fixed via this function! The points it generates:

1) Shows your map version.
2) Ensures spawn chunks, the specific chunks that run the commands of the map, are loaded.
3) Checks for a vanilla Minecraft villager, and that the custom "config" and "pixelmon" folders are being used by your client/server.
4) Checks if Pixelmon itself is installed.
5) Ensures a player isn't in a dialogue (that would disable specific features while active, should reactivates features afterwards).

6) Checks if command blocks are enabled on your world/server. If #6 is not shown and #2 is green, command blocks are disabled.


If you have questions or issues, feel free to message me on my Discord server!