Pixelmon Hoenn - Pokemon's OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire Recreated


Venture into the Hoenn region, recreated based on the Nintendo 3DS games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. 

The map requires the Pixelmon mod! This map is both singleplayer and multiplayer* compatible! (*For multiplayer, you'll need this additional mod to fix a battle bug crash in the current mod's beta)

Hike up to the summit of Mt. Chimney, or dive to the deepest trenches of the ocean in search of adventure. This map seeks to recreate nearly every aspect of the decades-old classic games as precisely as possible, primarily using datapacks and tens of thousands of commands in addition to the mod.

Version 1 of this map is open world, feel free to battle each gym and obtain whatever Pokemon you are able to in any order you please. Story will be the focus of version 2. 

Battle through hundreds of trainers and obtain hundreds of items scattered around the region. Chat with NPCs pulled from real-game dialogues, grab berries and create your own personalized Secret Base! Custom shops around the map sell items for you to make your own home away from home.

Once you have the eight badges of the region, you can take on the Pokemon League not just once, but twice with higher-level Pokemon and teams to rematch. Dive to the depths of the ocean floor to uncover the mysterious puzzles of the Regi trio. Explore the mysterious mirage areas of the map and obtain the ~30 legendaries possible through the mirages and portals. And of course, catch the legendaries that possess the unique primal reversion form of evolution in this generation, Kyogre. Groudon and Rayquaza!


If you are running into issues, the first thing you can try is running the command “/trigger info” in game. It will verify things are loaded and working as they should, or relay what might be causing issues with your world.

If you have questions or issues, feel free to message me on my Discord server!