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Parkourama is a parkourchallenge specifically designed for speedrunning, which can also be enjoyed casually with friends.
The map features 37 carefully designed levels of easy to medium difficulty. Everybody should be able to complete the map.
Your jorney guides you through 36 shorter levels devided in six environments and one big final level.
The diverse world holds many secrets for you to discover and advancements to get. Can you collect them all?

Challenge yourself to shave off that next minute to earn the next better rank.
With the built in splits you can keep track of your pace compared to your PB-run.

When you want to aim for the very fastest time, you can even puch beyond rank S. A perfectly executed run takes just below ten minutes.
To help you achieve that parkourama offers many unique tools to optimize your training and strategizing.
The practicemode is unlocked with your first finish.
It enables you to fly, set savestates, tp and more.

Compete with the best and submit your run to the leaderboard.


Available Commands:
"/trigger level_speedrun" enables all the necessary tools to speedrun individual levels. (unlocks with first finish)
"/trigger level_pbs" lists your personal best times for every level and calculates the sum of those times.
"/trigger level_pbs_reset" lets you delete all or individual level times.
"/trigger splits" lists all splits of your current/last run plus the difference to your fastest run.


When you are a streamer or youtuber please credit me similar to the following:
Map: Parkourama
Creator: 0bex
Download: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/worlds/parkourama


- Minecraft 1.16.5 - 1.18  (get the right version)
- Render Distance: minimum 6 chunks


- Default textures
- 1-3 Players (tested with 3; should work with more)
- Optifine for better performance


Server Settings:
Make sure your server.properties file includes these lines:





7777Alex7777, Dankbarkeit, Leg0shi_, Specialcityman, K0nst, Foxyrence, Luklaf