NoLife8 World

232 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

The World and every Building on it will be created with the NoLife8 Modpack wich you can find here:


While i am Building i am using a Texture Pack called

Lithos:Core 32x [1.6 - 1.11] Complete

wich you can find here:

i highly recommend using it because i am building with it.


Since i dont have infinite Time it will be created in creative mode.

But the world can be also played in survival without any problems.

Atm i cant tell how often i will update the world or how fast the progress will be but i will let you guys know as soon as i figure it out.

From time to time i will stream the progress on


Feel free to ask me anything about the world i am working on here or on my social media sites.




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