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Modern Kitchen Map inspire by Cooking Smilator will start downloading in 5 seconds...


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It's a modded kitchen map,

U need my Cooking Modpack to play this map:  Link Removed:

Actually i love "Cooking Simulator" so i decided to make the modern kitchen in the game as a modded map while using Little Tiles and many other mods.

Also wanted to make it functional so it might not look excatly same like the game but if u also love Cooking Smilator and making food in Minecraft, wouldn't it be cooler

to actually make food in a fancy looking kitchen map :D so with this idea in mind, i made this map.

Links for everything are in the zip folder. Hope u Enjoy my Map ^^. Have fun!

If u want, modpack with the map is also on Technic Platform:


And on Planet Minecraft as well: