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A Unique Parkour Experience:


This parkour map is unlike no other! Using a special formula, a 'Parkour Score' is calculated based on the amount of times you die (fall) and of course, the length of time it takes you to complete the course. The score is used to calculate your 'Star Level', with 2 stars being awarded for passing the course - and up to 5 stars being award for an exceedingly great performance!


The faster you complete the course and the less times you fall - the greater your score!



A Unique Parkour Scoring System:


A minimum score of 50 is awarded to anyone who reaches the end of the course and presses the button at the end. The following scores and star levels are as shown (don't forget to post your score and star level here - especially if you get a score in the range of 4-5 stars so your name and score can be put into the map!)


50 - 59 = 2 Stars

60 - 74 = 3 Stars

75 - 84 = 4 Stars

85 - 100 = 5 Stars


Good Luck and Have Fun!



Minecraft 1.11

Minecraft 1.9 - 1.10 (See the 'Files' or 'Other downloads' tab for this specific download)

Minecraft 1.8 (See the 'Files' or 'Other downloads' tab for this specific download)




Map Design and Parkour Elements: xXDark_PvPerXx


Editor and Publisher: TOWSHE