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This map is undergoing the Update!!!!  Beta #3 will be ready for playthrough starting on November 15th on my twitch channel. This is to make sure there are no major bugs in the map before release, and i will take a week after the playthrough to make some quality of life fixes to items before release. The map will come out with the announcement post on my youtube channel. 


This map is being worked on right now! The map is taken from TheVoid, who I give credit to for the idea of it, but sadly he failed to continue it, and passed it on to me!! The map is undergoing a complete re-work, and will never finish. This is the MINEVOLUTION!!!

The backstory:

      You have always wanted to figure out what the stone was, how it got so powerful. So, when it called upon you to visit it, you had some questions. It, of
course, being so powerful, sensed that and said, "All your questions will be answered in time. You must step through that portal to do so." You walk through
the portal, and are amazed at what you see. You are looking at the Birch incanation of the stone, back when it was just created by the Minecraft Gods. He
becond to you, and you realized that you had an axe in your hand. You suddenly realize that you must mine it, and already your first 2 questions had already
been answered. To level up the stone, you must mine it. You were the person mining it. You walk up to the stone, take a deep breath, and then take your first
swing. That, is the Minevolution...


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