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[Note: This map was created in Minecraft 1.5.1, please use the launcher's profile editor to create a profile using that version of the game.  I cannot guarantee this works in the latest version of Minecraft]

== Background ==
The Earth is overpopulated, and natural resources are scarce.  The Moon Colonies have been ravaged by war.  Humanity looks to the stars as our last hope.  YOU have been selected to pilot the first manned mission to the Red Planet.  You will touch down in Victoria Crater, where an automated rover has detected a new form of power emanating from strange GREEN CRYSTALS.
The fate of the Earth depends on your ability to establish a base, harvest GREEN CRYSTALS, and to begin terraforming the surface before colonists arrive.

== Features ==
> Unique SciFi theme, intricately detailed environment
> Custom Texture Pack (required)
> 2 Custom Skins
> Unique approach to over 70 NPCs, each with roles and 'attitudes' toward the player
> 100% in-game signs, no external notes files
> Main storyline takes you to the Moon and Mars
> ~365,000 square block playable area
> 6 major encounters, 4 minor encounters for extra loot
> Green Power Crystals (Redstone Dust) are your score
> Checkpoints with storage, fast transport, and/or sound effects

Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-kaagPg_GY
Discuss the map: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/514791-mars-mission