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     This is part of a series of builds of spawn areas I am building so people can use in their maps or servers. It is made up of mostly of quartz, grey wool and sea lanterns. It is completely lit up with sea lanterns and has four teleportation hubs. It is an open source creation so you can edit, upload ,or add stuff to it without my permission. If you want to give me credit just list it on the download page or somewhere in the map. If you liked it give me a rating or by leaving a comment! Make sure to check out my other maps and my YouTube and Twitter through the link in the description. Have any suggestions? Ask me on social media! Enjoy!


How to install 
1. Download the map from the link in the description. 
2. Extract the file from the zip 
3. Put it in your saves. 
4. Load Minecraft



(click to open)




Schematic Download